Recycled Products
Recycled Products

Serving Greater Pittsburgh, South Hills and Washington County

Asphalt MillingsAsphalt MillingsThe asphalt millings or chunks are made from reclaimed black top and are an inexpensive roadway or driveway material.
Recycled ConcreteRecycled ConcreteRecycled or Reclaimed Concrete is a crushed reclaimed product that is an inexpensive alternative to stone or gravel.
Railroad TiesRailroad TiesThousands of Used Railroad Ties Available, Various Sizes and Conditions,Great for walls and landscaping, Priced from free and up to $19.50 depending on quality.All Ties graded according to quality, and bundled in bundles of 12 or 20, Standard Ties of 8 1/2'x9"x7", we also have spikes and rebar.

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