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Mulch Delivery Time

Spring is now upon us and Federouch Landscape's  mulch delivery is one of our most popular services.
We are ready with numerous varieties of double and tripled shredded natural or dyed mulch to accomodate all of your landscaping projects as well as rubber and certified playground mulches.
Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about our products.
Deliveries are being scheduled seven days a week
Sola Screed Levels
Sola Screed Levels
Sola Plumb VialBig X LevelScreed LevelHandleSand Level ActionScreed Level CurbingPlumb Action
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Sola Screed Levels are a 2-1 tool which enables you to level your screed rails and screed your sand "all in one".  Instead of beating up that 5' level or struggling with a poor quality wood 2x4, the Hardscape Professional can be very efficient and accurate with Sola screed levels.  If you have a arbor or fence post to set on the jobsite, go ahead, use your Sola screed level for your vertical plumb.  Sola screed levels come in various sizes and are very durable.  Lastly, the Sola BX line is a very good quality level, the shorter BX10" and BX16" are an upgrade over that cheap plastic torpedo level that you may be using.

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