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Year Round Service

The end of year brings a change of seasons and products. Please remember that Federouch Landscape Supply offers ice melting products and cordwood delivery year round as well as all of our other full line of products. No matter the time of year, we will still be here for same day service!
Our friendly and helpful staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about our products.
Deliveries are being scheduled seven days a week

Guaranteed Delivery Within 24 Hours of Your Order

Federouch Landscape Supply will provide delivery of your order to your home or business with the addition of applicable delivery charges. These charges cover the following quantities: Up To-22 yards of Mulch, 9 tons of Soil, Stone or Gravel and 15 yards of Compost Products. Larger quantities can be delivered by larger trucks but, these are not available to deliver to all locations. Please contact us for consultation of larger quantities. Split Deliveries (Delivery of two products at one time) is available for smaller quantity orders for an additional fee of $15.00. Please inquire about the split delivery before ordering, certain restrictions apply. We guarantee delivery of your order within 24 hours of order completion. If a particular time is preffered please contact us to ensure the time is available. 
Federouch Landscape Supply does not assume any liability for damages occasioned by reason of customer's request to make deliveryof this material to a point beyond the curb or public roadway.

Single Axle Delivery Washington County

Split Delivery Upcharge

This upcharge is for the delivery of two items of acceptable quantity at the same time.

Single Axle Delivery Allegheny County

Delivery of products to your home or business in Allegheny County is available 7 days a week. 

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